The WSI Vision

Welcome to Wall Street Intelligence.

WSI was founded in March 2019. Our vision is to make the trading knowledge of major New York financial institutions accessible to private traders. It is our belief that every private trader must be given the opportunity to trade at the same level as the big banks.

18 years of trading experience. 6 years on Wall Street in New York. Trades in the millions and hundreds of market analyses for fund managers. This experience inspires all WSI products. With us you learn to think and trade like the bank traders who move the market.

We offer you a highly professional trading education from a Wall Street perspective. Chart technique, sentiment, risk management and fundamental analysis – with us you will learn to really master the markets.

Our claim is absolute top quality. Your capital deserves it.

(EN) WSI Principle


“Wall Street Intelligence offers highly professional trading courses and market analysis on the level of Wall Street banks. Our claim for you: to convey a deep understanding of the market and the resulting sustainable trading success. Our commitment to unparalleled quality is reflected in every fiber of our content.”

(EN) Our values

(EN) The 4 cornerstones of WSI culture


Top quality
The quality of our coaching is second to none. This is not only our ambition, but also the feedback we receive from participants. We understand that trading is directly about your savings. That’s why we work tirelessly to deliver coaching, analysis and LIVE commentary of unparalleled quality.

We are honest with you from the beginning: With us you will not become a multimillionaire with 10 minutes effort per day. Earning sustainable returns is absolutely possible, but requires the realization that trading must be learned step by step. We offer you the content to achieve your goals.

Trading is directly about your capital. We understand that this is a sensitive topic. It is therefore essential to know who is coaching you and by whom the daily WSI market analyses are prepared. Detailed information about the coach and our philosophy can be found in the different sections of your WSI website.

We are not about quick fixes. The sustainability of the trading concepts you learn with us – but most importantly, your results – is our highest priority. We believe that sustainable returns only come when a responsible, risk-adjusted trading style is combined with a deep understanding of the markets. Asking “why” in all of our trading courses reflects our desire to achieve lasting positive trading results.

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