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(EN) Meikel Mokry, Wall Street Trader and Founder of WSI

(EN) The desire for financial freedom, less stress in everyday life or more time with loved ones is greater than ever for many people these days. We often come across promises that these wishes can be realized with just a few minutes of effort each day. The disappointment is great when our daydreams do not become reality after all.

I want to tell you: Trading is not a “get rich quick scheme”. Professional trading requires iron discipline, perseverance, in-depth market knowledge and emotional control. The good news is that anyone can become a professional trader. However, we really have to make the decision to integrate trading into our daily lives. No matter if you work full time, in shifts or every day for your family: With a sophisticated time management and a solid education, a constant and sustainable trading income is feasible for everyone.

With several years of experience as a professional trader directly on Wall Street in New York, I can guide you to your goal. WSI is not about quick fixes. We are about a deep understanding of the markets and practical-applicable systems with controlled risk management.

(EN) My background

(EN) Highlights


18 years trading experience

Since 2003 I have been moving almost daily on the stock and forex markets. Thus, I can look back on almost 2 decades of market experience. This time-tested knowledge is reflected in every commentary, every analysis and every coaching.


6 years on Wall Street

Wall Street banks often dictate the movements of the markets. If we trade with the logic of these institutions, we are often on the right side of the market. I now pass on my 6 years of Wall Street experience to you.


Forex, Indices, Gold

During my time as a Wall Street forex trader and equity derivatives strategist, it was essential to understand the interaction between the forex, equity and gold markets in depth. We now pass this holistic approach to analysis on to you.


Independent sources about my background

Meikel Mokry


(EN) Wall Street Intelligence - Hamburg, DEU


Foundation of the company

Due to the tremendous success of the Wall Street Insider Telegram group, requests for Wall Street inspired trading coaching piled up. “Wall Street Intelligence” was born. The company’s philosophy: to impart high quality New York bank level trading knowledge to ambitious private traders. Wall Street Intelligence primarily attracts those who seek consistent and sustainable trading profits through in-depth knowledge. Feedback from our valued clients: “After coaching with Meikel, the search for constantly new trading systems can stop and the 100% focus on trading itself can begin”.

(EN) Wall Street Insider - Hamburg, DEU


Opening of the WSI Telegram group

As requests for LIVE market analysis and trading ideas piled up, the FREE Telegram group “Wall Street Insider (WSI)” was born. Based on Meikels thoughts, WSI members are provided with countless Wall Street bank-level market analysis daily. Within 12 months, the WSI Telegram group has grown to approximately 1700 members. This makes “Wall Street Insider” the largest Telegram trading community in the German-speaking world inspired by the thoughts of a Wall Street trader.

(EN) Selbstständiger Trader & Tradingcoach


Forex | Stocks Indices | Gold

Based on his 10-year career in the USA – over 6 years of which were spent on Wall Street in New York – Meikel set up his own business as a trading coach and trader. His expertise is in demand all over the world: In New York, Florida, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France Meikel contacts prospective, inquisitive traders. His trading expertise is often described as “ingenious” and “extraordinary”.

Macro Risk Advisors - New York City


Vice President | Institutional Salestrader

As a Vice President, Meikel traded equity options at one of the most prominent brokers in New York City. In his role, it was essential to understand the markets in depth in order to identify the most opportune times to trade in the client’s favor. Understanding the markets from a broker’s perspective is a tremendous asset that Meikel is able to pass on today as an independent trader and trading coach.

New Albion Partners LLC - New York City


Associate | Equity Derivatives Trading Strategist

Promoted to associate, Meikel joined New Albion Partners, a top-notch equity options broker in New York City, as co-head of the equity derivatives department. There he was responsible for creating highly lucrative trading ideas. His market analysis was read by hundreds of hedge fund clients and put into practice through trades. Since Meikel knows exactly how the big players on Wall Street invest their money, he has a very practical perspective, which he successfully conveys in his coaching sessions today.

(EN) Trader Certification of FINRA, New York


Series 7, 63, 86 and 87

In order to enter into and communicate trades with institutional clients on Wall Street, a license is required from FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). FINRA regulates the financial industry in the US. Meikell successfully passed the Series 7 (General Securities Representative Exam) and Series 63 (Uniform Securities Agent State Law Exam) exams. Shortly thereafter, he received the Series 86 and Series 87, which allowed him to share his trading ideas with major Wall Street institutions. Thus, Meikel made a name for himself not only as a trader, but also as a research analyst with exceptionally lucrative trading ideas.

Citigroup - New York City, USA


Institutional trader

After graduation, Meikel started at Citigroup, the largest forex trader in the world. The bank is one of the heavyweights on Wall Street and selects its traders extremely carefully. After an intensive trading program, to which about 10,000 prospective traders apply every year, only about 0.3% qualify for a place on Wall Street. Meikel graduated from the program with honors. He was offered by Citigroup to be trained as a professional trader at the Wall Street level and was accepted into the teams of the best traders in the world. During his time at Citi he traded forex, forwards and credit derivatives.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Boston


Global Wealth Management Analyst

At an early age, Meikel worked for one of the largest investment banks in the USA. In Boston, he was involved in the U.S. financial industry in parallel to his studies.

(EN) Seaport Global Securities - Kalifornien


Shares Research Analyst

In Orange County, California, Meikel analyzed American companies to find undervalued stocks. He has since taken his quantitative skills to a new level and uses them in various technical strategies for his trading.
Today, Meikel shares his exceptional knowledge of these sophisticated systems with participants in coaching and mentoring programs.

Wall Street Training - New York, USA


Investment Banking | Campus Representative

Under the mentorship of Hamilton Lin, who worked in investment banking at Goldman Sachs, Meikel co-founded the investment banking coaching company “Wall Street Training”. Today, the company trains thousands of ambitious investment bankers in financial modeling worldwide.

(EN) Boston University - Boston, USA


Questrom School of Business

Meikel studied at the Boston University Questrom School of Business in the USA. His focus was on understanding Finance and Economics. He graduated in the top 2% of his business class with the highest distinction “Suma Cum Laude”. Your coach thus has a very strong academic background through his approximately 4 years of study at the elite university in Boston, USA.

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