(EN) Build wealth with WSI‘s Capital Growth Strategie

(EN) Meikel Mokry, Founder & CEO of Wall Street Intelligence

Our answer to the 0%-yield environment

The search for consistent returns with low risk is a major challenge in today’s world. Savings accounts offer 0% or even a negative interest rate. Fixed-income investment products with rewarding yields have been decimated by the ongoing low interest rate policy of global central banks. The alternatives are mostly equity market ETFs or actively managed funds. However, tying one’s entire assets to the whims of the stock markets is not a solution for many investors either.

We offer a stock market independent alternative that benefits from rising and falling markets. Welcome to WSI’s wealth building concept.

WSI‘s Investment Concept at a glance

Everything you need to know:

The Trader

Wall Street Trader Meikel Mokry has over 18 years of trading experience. He trades the forex and index markets for you on a daily basis. Click here for his biography..

Traded products

We specialize in actively trading the Forex and index markets.

The Strategy

Detailed technical analysis coupled with fundamental knowledge leads to trades with high probability of success.
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Risk Management

We are conservatively oriented. Only a fraction (usually 0.50% or less) of the portfolio is risked per trade. Our goal is to minimize the drawdown, so you can sleep peacefully at night.

Investment Horizon

We aim for capital appreciation over months and years. The daily or weekly fluctuations in performance are irrelevant to us. We value long-term thinking and aim at generating constant returns over the long run.

How do I get started?

4 easy steps to constant income!

Step 1: Purchase a WSI subscription

Choose your WSI VIP subscription. You can find an overview of our VIP Package here:
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Step 2: Create a copy account with our partner broke

Click on the following link to get to the registration form:
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Step 3: Deposit capital into your trading account

The minimum deposit amount is 2050.- EUR. This amount ensures that every trade will be executed properly.

Step 4: Connection to the Copy Platform

Click on the following link to connect to the Copy Platform. Select «WSI Capital Growth» as your strategy.
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